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Go Veg is the first concept of Mock meat or Meat Analogs in India.Conceptulized overseas and then brought into India in its raw form and then processed to cater to the taste of every Indian was the mission Godwil Foods from the day it started in 2007.

As meat analogs was very new in India unlike the rest from the West, Europe, USA and the U.K right to the Far East like Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, the proper approach was really important to give both Vegetarians and Non Veggies a clear angle to appreciate it.

Imported Textured Soy is used in Go Veg products unlike Local Soya nuggets which has been vastly used in India as Nutris. However due to its unique form of extrusion, a soft and tender texture which has been processed primarily into 3 textures, that of chicken,fish,meat.

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Go Veg

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To be the first Indian company to give India and Indians around the world a new meaning to the term Vegetarian.