Information on Soya

In Asia, Soya has been harvested and used for centuries! In recent years, Soya has become increasingly popular especially because of the many health benefits we can derive from it. One could say that Soy is a complete protein, meaning it contains all essential amino acids that the body needs. It offers the same protein content as meat, minus the fat and cholesterol. Soy on its own tastes rather bland but it effectively absorbs rich flavours from other ingredients. Popular among vegetarians and vegans, studies have also suggested that Soya reduces the risk of Breast Cancer and aids in lowering cholesterol.

Why is our Soya so special ?

Imported Soya Protein

GoVeg uses an Imported Textured Soya Protein with high fibre like texture to give the feeling of meat but in actual fact is totally 100% vegetarian.

The Soy is processed with Indian Herbs and spices to give an all Indian taste to suit the local palate.

This concept recognised all over the world and finally processed here in India giving both VEGETARIANS and NON VEGETARIANS a new delicious ALTERNATIVE.

Go Veg is answer to a tasty snack with all the Natural Health benefits of Soy.

Benefit Of Soya

  • Textured Soya Protein product is the healthiest diet which is lower in saturated and total fat than real meat.

  • Textured Soya Protein product is ready-to-eat, requiring less time for cooking.

  • Cholesterol-free Textured Soya Protein product is plant-based diet, helps lower blood cholesterol.

  • Textured Soya Protein product has great taste and texture, and can be used in hundreds of recipes the same way you use animal products but with less preparing time.

  • Textured Soya Protein product does not carry the risks of transmissible diseases that real meat does, such asSalmonella, Campylobacter, Mad Cow Disease (BSE), Foot-Mouth Disease (FMD), etc...

  • Help to reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure by eating Textured Soya Protein product instead of pork, beef, chicken, or turkey. A soya-based diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is helpful on this point.

  • Textured Soya Protein product is less likely to be contaminated by bacteria than real meat.

  • Textured Soya Protein product is more environmentally friendly than raising animals for food is. Raised animals and poultries contribute polluted water supplies as well global warming caused by methane from feces.

  • Due to lower fat diet, vegetarians tend to be thinner than meat-eaters.

  • Being healthier from a vegetarian diet may mean spending less on health care and medicine.